Today we are delighted to announce the release of a huge update to Dropsource — we’re very excited about its increased ability to help you build amazing data-driven native mobile apps. This update is the culmination of several months of work by our team and the amazing feedback we’ve received from thousands of our members.

The new Dropsource version is called Beta 2, and is by far the biggest update we’ve made to date. Below are some highlights of all the improvements you are going to love.

More Native Functionality

Displaying Maps and Geolocation now available for Dropsource apps

Dropsource enables you to build truly native mobile apps for iOS and Android, and Beta 2 includes an expansion of powerful native functionalities available* for use in your projects.

  • Tap into location services and tether your app’s user experience to location using our new Geolocation features.
  • Increase your app usage, improve user engagement and make your app even more valuable with with Push Notifications.
  • Natively Stream Media to show off videos and audio files in your app, creating an engaging experience and delighting your user base.
  • Visually present Map elements, placing pins to create a location-aware experience with Dropsource’s new Map display and manipulation capabilities.
  • Include Swipe gestures in your app for more natural user interaction.

* Currently available in iOS only, Android coming soon

Streamlined Plugin Process

“Request a Plugin” buttons are easy to find inside Dropsource

Dropsource is pleased to introduce a streamlined process and dedicated menu for members to request plugins. This greatly expands what’s possible with Dropsource and our ability meet your growing needs.

  • If you happen to require a custom interaction, a critical 3rd party data integration, or some specialized native functionality that we don’t yet support in Beta 2, in most cases we can work with you to make it available in a matter of days. For more details about our Plugin system and request process please click here.
  • If you’d like to develop plugins for Dropsource, we are also pilot testing a new Developer Partner Program for developers and firms who wish to use Dropsource for their mobile app projects. To learn more, please contact us at

Better Data Management

Also included in Beta 2 are expanded data management capabilities, giving you the ability to add more functionality to your app and create better user experiences.

  • With Lifecycle Events, you can now create custom authentication logic, adjust push notifications settings, and do so much more. To learn more about using data in your apps please click here.

The release of Dropsource Beta 2 dramatically broadens the scope and capabilities of the platform and we are extremely proud to unveil it today — and we’re not done yet! As our beta continues, and with much more coming, we will continue to improve and expand what Dropsource can do as we get ready for general availability. To explore the full release notes for Beta 2 please click here.

We’re very grateful for your support of Dropsource and we’d love to hear your questions or comments, so please email us at Please follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or subscribe to our blog to stay informed on what’s coming next.

For more details on how Dropsource can help your product team build mobile prototypes and ship truly native mobile apps faster and easier, please click here or email us at