Today, Dropsource is excited to announce the launch of two exciting new enterprise offerings to help accelerate your organization’s path towards Digital Transformation, Dropsource Enterprise and Professional Services.

Since coming out of beta a year ago, we’ve helped thousands of developers, including those at Fortune 100 organizations, build truly native and data-driven mobile apps on our low-code visual development platform. By working so closely with enterprises large and small, we’ve learned that no two are alike and all are at different points in their Digital Transformation journey. It’s become clear that the enterprises most primed for success are those that realize using the same outdated methods and tools will not get different or better results. These are enterprises that have shifted their perspective in the face of greatly increased demand, and therefore will achieve the most from the Dropsource platform.

Here at Dropsource, we believe that now is the time for digital leaders to be bold. This extends to their strategy, innovation goals, organizational structure – and of course, their choice of platforms and partners to support their organization’s Digital Transformation. So, we have expanded our offerings to best fit the needs of the boldly innovative enterprise.

Accelerate App Development with Dropsource Enterprise

Designed to quickly create and deploy truly native mobile apps, our low-code visual development platform lets you fast track your digital initiatives without sacrificing quality or experience.

Dropsource Enterprise provides the full power of the Dropsource platform with new additions including: app versioning, a dedicated Customer Success Manager, and personalized training and support sessions to get your team in the fast lane. And, because Dropsource is a no-runtime platform generating truly native Swift and Java code, you can be confident knowing your apps are immediately, and will always be, compatible with all future versions of iOS, Android, Swift and Java.

Dropsource Enterprise includes:

  • 10 truly native mobile apps (any combination of iOS or Android)
  • App versioning
  • Deployment services (MDM, Test Flight, etc.)
  • One-click iOS, Android, Swift & Java updates
  • Phone and video support
  • Personalized training sessions
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • 99.999% platform up-time

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Extend Your Team with Professional Services

Starting today, Dropsource offers a range of professional services that act as an extension of your resources to help with prototyping, enable highly custom functionality, and improve your app development process and user experiences.

Services include:

  • Prototype Development
  • Plugin Development
  • Requirements & Design Review
  • Data Integration Assistance
  • Complete App Development

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Continued Growth

We’re extremely excited to help organizations accelerate their Digital Transformation with Dropsource Enterprise and Professional Services, but we’re not stopping there. Stay tuned by following us on Twitter and subscribe to our email newsletter to learn more about other platform improvements we’re cooking up to launch this year. As always, we’d love to hear from you. Please comment below with your thoughts on Dropsource Enterprise or join the conversation on our forum.

We can’t thank you, our community of passionate developers, enough for your continued support as we seek to boldly innovate and change the way software is built.

P.S. Dropsource is growing! If you’re interested in joining our team, click here to see our open positions.