Today I’m delighted to announce that Dropsource has closed a new round of financing in the amount of $5.3M. The funds will be used for expanding our product offerings, growing our team, entering new markets, and continuing to demonstrate extraordinary value for our community and customers. We couldn’t be more excited about the future. To have the support of our existing investors, and new ones, is validating, and now we raise the bar again and continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible with Dropsource.

Raising money is rarely easy, and never the goal. Don’t get me wrong, we’ll still take a moment to tip some glasses back, but time is money, so we need to hop to it, toot sweet. There’s much to do, and it starts with some key hires to join the Dropsource tribe. With a headcount of 14 people we’re looking to grow headcount to 20 before the end of this year. Interested? Check out our open positions here on our Careers page. We’ll be making more hires in 2018 too, so check back if you don’t see anything for you yet.

As a startup, getting on base is extremely hard work. With all of the recent progress we’ve made, we’re on base now but we’re still in early innings. Getting on base doesn’t mean the inning or the game gets easier either, it just gets… different. We see the field differently, from a different perspective, and the pressure of advancing to second base, third base, and around the horn is intense. Batter up! The challenges will continue to change, it never gets easier, and it’s all about the team. With the right team our chances of success only get better and better. We take this game very seriously. We meet and exceed our commitments to each other with freedom and autonomy.

When I joined the company back in mid-2016 that was my first impression, and it’s a lasting one that holds true: this team is really talented! What I love most is that while we take our mission and work very seriously, and hold each other to very high standards, we don’t take ourselves too seriously; we have perspective, we keep perspective, and we have fun. People really enjoy working at Dropsource.

For these reasons, among others, and as a life-long Red Sox fan, I can’t help but relate Dropsource to the Boston Red Sox of the 2004 championship (and curse-ending) season. They were better known as “The Dirt Dogs.” It was never about one person, it was entirely a team effort. The Dirt Dogs had to get their uniforms filthy in the process. That was the culture of that team, and it brought them two more championship trophies. “Cowboy up!” was the slogan of that unforgettable season. Dropsource is exactly that – a gritty team, with gusto and guts. That’s what it takes to play this game and win.

Metaphors aside, we are looking for new talent to join this team we affectionally call the Dropsource Tribe. Are you a dirt dog? Check out our open positions and if you think you’re ready to join the tribe, submit your resume and let’s do this. Cowboy up!


(Boston Red Sox AP Photo/Amy Sancetta)