Three years ago we set sail towards a dream to change the way software is built and help aspiring innovators and app developers across the world break down the barriers between great ideas and their implementations. Now, together with our amazing community of thousands of Dropsource developers, we’re ready to take our biggest step yet towards realizing this audacious dream. First, let’s take a moment to remember why we’re all here in the first place.

We all know the story…

Remember the last time you and your team came up with that great idea for a mobile app? It was a genuinely sound idea with a lot of potential to change your business prospects — a real opportunity for innovation! Then reality struck: your development resources were fully involved in existing projects that each required their complete attention, assuming you’re even lucky enough to have a development team.

At the end of the day, building a great mobile app requires a good deal of planning, effort and execution, not to mention talent. The traditional software development lifecycle is comprehensive, but daunting. Maybe if you’d had fewer projects on your plate, or a bigger team, perhaps more hours in the day, your team could have made it happen, but you were already running at full speed with competing priorities. As such, you decided to put this great app idea on the back burner and hoped to come back to it eventually.

Innovation would just have to wait.

Then sometime later, you see a news alert. It’s from the competition. Yep, you guessed it, they just launched your app! You kick yourself a few good times, because this app could have really had a big impact for your customers, and you could have been the hero that got it done.

At Dropsource, we’ve heard this story again and again, and we’ve even experienced it ourselves. From first-time entrepreneurs trying to launch a new endeavor to Fortune 500’s with outstanding, high-impact mobile app ideas just wasting away on the shelf for years (no, really, years). Their ability to innovate at the speed of business has been hampered by mobile platforms and tools that didn’t live up to their potential or hype.

We believe, as you do, that there just has to be a solution to the problems of not having enough resources, limited in-house mobile development experience, difficulty getting ideas spun-up quickly, and building apps that have the highest quality performance and robust features. What you need is a solution to take your mobile app development efforts to the next level.

This is why we built Dropsource, the next level mobile app development platform.

Ready, Set, Launch!

Today, July 6th 2017, we’re excited to announce that Dropsource is officially coming out of beta and available to everyone. Dropsource has been tested from top to bottom, side to side, by thousands of beta users! We are so incredibly grateful to our valued beta community who provided us such invaluable support, feedback, suggestions and learning opportunities to help us continue to improve the platform and its capabilities. We will continue to rely on our awesome community going forward and we’re excited to see what we can build together!

With this general availability release of Dropsource, we’re introducing two new Dropsource project types: Basic Projects and Premium Projects.

Basic Projects will provide members free access to Dropsource’s powerful native app features like push notifications and geolocation, the ability to integrate with any REST API via Swagger (OpenAPI), unlimited web simulator testing, and live chat and forum support.

Premium Projects will include all those features plus the ability to download your source code as well as brand new premium features, like:

  1. Send your app directly to a mobile device. This will make it easy to share the app you are working on with stakeholders and allow you to test the full range of native functionalities Dropsource offers on a device.
  2. Launch your app to the App Store or Google Play directly within the Dropsource platform. This means you will no longer be limited to just downloading your code to compile and launch it yourself (unless you want to) and instead Dropsource will do it for you, right from within the platform.

To see the full release notes, click here.


As is often the case when a beta ends, we’re also introducing new pricing for Dropsource. You’ll still be able to create as many apps as you want for free! All Dropsource projects begin as Basic Projects which are 100% free. Basic Projects can then be upgraded to Premium Projects at any time for access to our advanced testing and publishing features and new premium benefits to come soon. Dropsource works on a per-project model where each app you create is managed and billed individually. Premium Projects will cost $39/mo per project billed annually or $49/mo per project billed monthly.

For full details on Dropsource Premium Projects and our pricing FAQ, please click here.


What’s Next?

We’re not resting on our laurels — oh no, we’re just getting started! You can expect to see more native features, workflow enhancements, new onboarding options and additional billing options coming in the not-so-distant future. As always, our top priority remains helping you, our amazing community, bring your mobile app ideas to life with the power and speed you really need.

If you have any questions about our new release or pricing, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

We are immensely grateful for your support for Dropsource so far and thank you for joining us on this journey to bring your amazing ideas to life. Now let’s see you get that app built!