Over the past 12 months, I’ve spoken with a lot of businesses and in particular, people in the role of digital leader, to identify the internal pain points their organizations are experiencing on the road to digital transformation. What I learned is that digital leaders often wear many hats, taking on multiple roles within their organizations. By nature, they are ambitious, strategic trailblazers who want to get the job done and overcome the “impossible” and they aren’t afraid to take risks to do so. But digital leaders are also often frustrated, under-resourced and under pressure from management, leaving them feeling concerned that they are behind the 8-ball when it comes to mobile. They’re often unclear on how to stay ahead of the curve to get a head start on what’s next.

Let’s take a walk through a day in the life of a digital leader…

Meeting with C-Suite

To kick off the morning, our digital leader meets with the C-level executives at the company to discuss in-progress and upcoming mobile projects, new ideas, digital transformation strategy, and (the dreaded) budget. Our digital leader has been prepping for this meeting all week ⎯ she wants to present a couple of new big ideas to management that could potentially drive new revenue streams and create operational efficiencies. But the meeting does not go as planned and our digital leader leaves feeling frustrated and slightly discouraged. The executives ultimately decide to abandon one of the mobile projects due to budget constraints, and a lack of resources and in-house talent. And while the C-suite applauds our digital leader for her vision and ambition, “it’s just not realistic this quarter.”

Meeting with Development Team

Our digital leader recovers quickly though, because shortly after is her meeting with the development team to review the status of current projects, and discuss tools, approaches and ideas. Today’s meeting leads to another discussion about the recurring challenges the team of web developers are facing because the company does not have any mobile developers. Without the right expertise for the company’s mobile strategy, the current team of web developers are pushing the limits of their skill sets, while trying to figure out best practices in real-time ⎯ plus they’re also stretched thin on other competing priorities and the drudgery of maintenance on their current properties.

This scenario is all too common within organizations and across industries ⎯ scarcity and the skills gap within developer teams are barriers digital leaders know well and face frequently. Digital leaders often have to ask ⎯ and answer ⎯ challenging questions, such as: Do I hire? Do I outsource? Can we even build mobile? Keep in mind, outsourcing may not necessarily be an option because some companies have policies against it. And hiring for highly-skilled developer roles at a corporate enterprise company is easier said than done. Due to budget constraints, before it’s possible to determine if hiring is even feasible, auditing your internal competencies is typically the first step and, ultimately, the deciding factor.

Meeting with Line of Business Teams

Later in the afternoon, our digital leader meets with line of business teams ⎯ their job is to take product to market and make money, which means delivering an exceptional user experience and connecting with their audiences are top priorities. Given this, they are likely itching to present an upgraded version of their mobile app. They have a lot of ideas but also a lot of frustration. Perhaps they already have a mobile app and maybe it’s acceptable, or maybe they are chomping at the bit to make it as terrific as the consumer apps they’ve grown to depend on. But again, resources are stretched and scarce.

At the End of the Day…

Digital leaders face a lot of challenges, including having to balance quality and speed, working with reduced teams as a result of limited budget and workload capacity, and having to accomplish a lot in any given quarter. As a result, their big ideas are often shelved or discarded as they are forced to prioritize other tasks. But it doesn’t have to be this way. What if you could build a working and beautiful native mobile app in a matter of days instead of months? What if building and deploying an on-brand, quality app wasn’t a source of frustration and drain of financial resources?

This is where we come in. Dropsource helps digital leaders bring their bold ideas to life, making what was impossible possible, without tradeoffs and sacrifices. Dropsource offers a solution to accomplish today’s mobile goals now and plan for the future, making digital leaders the unsung hero of their organization ⎯ someone who not only talks the talk, but knows what’s needed to walk the walk.

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