Have you felt like you’re behind the 8-ball with your team’s ability to build and deploy quality mobile apps fast enough? After attending Forrester’s New Tech and Innovation Forum, I came away energized about the opportunities today’s businesses have to innovate and perform better, thanks to technology and a change in mindset.

Choose the Customer

Customer-Centricity has become a hot topic of industry conferences and content lately. Strategic leaders at enterprises are contemplating how they can move with agility to create a better path to their customers, whether they serve the consumer or internal stakeholders. The question of how can you innovate and disrupt “like a startup” even when you’re in the Fortune 500, was the topic of a presentation, at the New Tech Forum. As the presentation suggested, the ability to digitally transform your business, to disrupt like a startup, primarily centers on understanding on your customers “valued outcomes” and around building a culture of Customer-Centricity (aka becoming customer-obsessed.)1

When recently attending another industry event, the Enterprise Mobility Exchange in Georgia, a representative from Apple shared with us that to be Mobile first, you must be User first. Forbes has published articles talking about how the mobile customer journey IS the New Customer Journey and spoke with Bill Ruh of GE about their three programs for digital, noting that GE’s path was to make sure it worked for them and then for their customers – “I will do it for myself and learn, and then I will do it for my customers…”  This is evidence of how the world’s most valuable companies are using and promoting Customer-Centricity.

As our CEO, Ben Saren, discussed on CustomerThink recently, the major barrier to bold innovation lies with taking the traditional inside-out approach, where companies are making decisions with their internal team at the center. Instead, we should think outside-in, putting the customer first. Ben notes: “The result leads to more personalized products, customer satisfaction and greater insight into the features and capabilities that will help make a mobile app successful.”

Automation and Employee Experience (EX)

As the use of automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence increase, it’s important that senior leaders consider the overall employee experience. At the New Tech and Innovation Forum, another notable presentation focused on the importance of reimagining the workforce so new tech can be implemented effectively in the near future.

Enterprises should plan for and allow for dialogue with their employees on how automation will be used, as well as provide adequate training and education on the automations being deployed. Thinking about restructuring work around how machines and humans can work together, enterprises can optimize the effectiveness of both workforces. It’s not about strictly offsetting human labor with computers, but enabling people to work together with smarter machines in order to solve bigger problems and achieve higher levels of productivity.2

New Tech

While there are a lot of new tech tools on the market, I’d be remiss if I didn’t discuss how using a low-code mobile platform like Dropsource can help you achieve your mobile innovation goals. Dropsource is optimized for building mobile apps to replace your outdated manual processes, enabling your workforce to be more productive and efficient. The developer-friendly UI allows your existing team to build native mobile apps without the complexity and time required by traditional methods, and our no runtime platform delivers up-to-date Swift or Java anytime you update your app.

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1 – Innovate, Disrupt: How to Think and Act Like a Startup, Nigel Fenwick, Forrester Research Inc, New Tech and Innovation Forum July 2018
2 – Reinventing Work in The Age of Automation, Craig Le Clair, Forrester Research Inc, New Tech and Innovation Forum July 2018