We’re excited to announce that we’ve released new features in Dropsource. These new features will make it easier to test features, organize your project list, and work seamlessly.

Rename Projects

You can now rename your project at any time during your development process. This feature allows you to easily organize your project list and update the project with your app name…after you’ve thought of it.

Duplicate Projects

Our developers have added the functionality to create an exact copy of your project. This feature, along with the ability to rename a project, allows you to test and archive old versions of your project. For members looking to test or share multiple versions of an app, or build more than one app with the same structure or logic, the duplicate project feature will definitely accelerate your app development.

Improved Save Management

We’ve added in an extra layer of protection for your work with improved save management. This feature communicates the current state of your project and provides clear feedback for save warnings and errors. In order to prevent lost work, you will not be able to continue working on your project if a save error has occurred.

To check out the full release notes, click here.