We’re excited to announce we’ve released a significant enhancement to the Dropsource platform that will make it easier to debug your apps and help you be even more self-sufficient in the building and testing phases of creating your app.

Error Panel

Based on member feedback and UX research, we’ve removed the “To Do List” in Dropsource, which previously displayed error messages, and we’ve launched the new Error Panel. The Error Panel, located on the top right of the Dropsource editor, exposes and provides enhanced clarity on the type, location, and cause of build and system errors that may occur in your apps.

We’ve greatly enhanced our platform’s ability to autonomously diagnose most app, build, and system errors, and when possible, provide specific guidance on how to resolve them. This equips you with the capability to debug and resolve most errors independently (without requiring Dropsource team support). We’ve also updated the error messaging format displayed in the Error Panel to make it easier to understand and identify what specifically is causing the error and indicate the error location. The Error Panel is fully persistent so it can be viewed and accessed while other modals are open.


The new Error Panel, along with our recent launch of Network Logs, are a part of our ongoing effort to remove barriers between ideas and implementation, and to provide our members with all the tools needed to successfully build, test and deploy truly native mobile apps.

To check out the full release notes, click here.