We’re excited to announce that today we’ve released new features in Dropsource. These new features will make it easier to share your app progress with stakeholders, edit your application, and get help from the Dropsource team.

Sharable Prototypes

Our web simulator now offers the ability to share your app prototype outside of the Dropsource platform. From the web simulator pop-up, you can share a public link that allows others to view and interact with your app via our web simulator. You have the option to share your app via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, or by copying the link directly.

Editable Page Components

We’ve improved the functionality of our page components. You can edit a page component, such as your tab bar or nav bar, at any time during your creation process. Forgot to add navigation when you created a page? No problem. Don’t like how the navigation works when you try out your app? Easily edit or remove the component without having to start a new page and copy over your work.

Premium Support: Live Chat

Now all Premium Projects (including Free trials) have full access to live chat support from the Dropsource team via Intercom. Live chat support enables you to ask questions, get advice, and troubleshoot any problems you run into while building your app in Dropsource. Basic Projects won’t have access to live chat support, and instead will use our Forum for support. For more details, see our Pricing FAQ here.

To check out the full release notes, click here.