We’re delighted today to release an exciting new feature for Dropsource – offline storage. This feature will be available to all Dropsource users and enables you to save API request data to the local cache.

This new and advanced capability will enable developers and enterprises to manage any connectivity gaps on the user device and to control the frequency with which your app makes requests to your backend.

Offline Storage

Offline storage has been one of our most requested features, and we’re very happy to finally make it available to all our entire user community. While we’re still expanding our offline support capabilities, offline caching is an extremely useful feature which will immediately increase the functionality of your apps.

Inside the Dropsource editor, you’ll notice a few changes. Specifically, when you add a Run API Request action to your projects, you’ll now see two additional settings:

  • Request Mode: there are four options here, you can opt not to use cache at all, use cache if any is available, use cache and also fetch new data from the API, or force the cache to update with new data.
  • Cache Expiration: this is the number of seconds until your cached request data expires and is considered invalid, you only need to enter a value here if you’re using a cached mode.

You’ll also notice the Network Connection Changed Event which allows you to trigger actions based on the status of a users device connection (e.g. whether it’s online or offline).


For more details on how to use our new offline storage capabilities, please check out these articles on our Help Center, or if you’d like help getting offline storage implemented in your app, get in touch with our services team.

To check out the full release notes, click here.