We are extremely pleased to release two major new pieces of functionality for Dropsource today – the ability to process text strings and carry out math calculations.

You’ll see two new actions in the editor: Calculate Math Expression and Build a String. These two new features have been among our most requested, and we’re excited to finally deliver to the general Dropsource community. The ability to calculate math and build strings, when combined, open up a great deal of additional functionality and possibilities for your apps. These include creating e-commerce shopping carts, calculating currency amounts, customizing dates and times, building custom dynamic welcome messages for your app users, and much, much more.

Calculate Math Expression

The Calculate Math Expression action allows you to carry out a calculation, building values from your app into it, and retrieving the result to use in other actions. To use a value from your app in the calculation, create a variable, giving it a name (to use locally within the action) and selecting a value from the input sources in your app, such as page/device variables, user input into your elements, and API response fields.

Build a String

The Build a String action allows you to interpolate string values – to create strings using values from your app together with string literals. As with the math action, use the variables section to refer to values from the app and reference them in the Template – however when building strings your variable references should be enclosed in double curly braces, e.g. Welcome {{first_name}} {{last_name}}. As with the math action, you can access the returned string in other actions added to the same event.


We’re very excited to see how our community uses these powerful features in unexpected ways, so please do comment or post on the forum to let us know how you plan to use Math and String functionality.

Below are some helpful Help Center documentation links for more on using Math and String functionality.

To check out the full release notes, click here.