Have you ever had a GREAT idea that you couldn’t wait to make happen, but once you saw it live you realized it was better in your head? In the world of mobile app development that’s not something you want happening after your app has already been published to the App Store.

Localytics reported in 2016, that 23% of users abandoned an app after one use; in 2017 that number has grown to 24% of users. Add that to the fact that 63% of users visit an app less than 10 times and you’re probably sweating. So how do you ensure your users keep coming back? Our number one suggestion is to share your app before you publish it, which is why Dropsource has the option to share your app prototype outside of the Dropsource platform with only a few clicks.

Why Sharing Your App is Best Practice

1. Test Your User Interface

As we talked about before, there’s nothing like that great idea falling flat. You know your app inside and out, but the experience with the live version might turn out differently than you planned. So, once you’ve created your interface, share it! Someone who’s not familiar with the design and layout of your app will give you a realistic idea of how good or bad your UX is.

2. Get Real Feedback

Having thought about or worked on your app for (enter number of months/years here) you need to scrub off your assumptions of how great it is and get real feedback. Sharing your prototype gives you the opportunity to source real insight on how users like the features and what improvements they would like to see. We’ve talked about it before in our 7 Best Practices for Mobile App Prototyping blog, but it’s worth mentioning again, “Your prototype won’t improve without specific use-case feedback.” Sharing and getting feedback allows you to make changes before users have given up on your app.

3. Promote Your App

Last, but certainly not least, sharing your prototype gives you an opportunity to get early traction by promoting your app! Give your network of potential users a heads up of what’s coming and treat them to a sneak peek inside the design and interface.

Don’t just take our word for it, Bump, the contact sharing app has an
intriguing story about their experience sharing their app (they suggest taking it to a bar).

Fortunately for you (and your liver), sharing your app  is easier with our integrated social sharing feature from our web simulator.

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