In this newest Dropsource update we’re happy to launch another handful of our most commonly requested features and improvements to our growing community.

Let’s jump right in!

Smart Guides (!!)

With smart guides, building your app’s UI just got a whole lot easier. Elements will now snap to each other giving you the ability to create higher quality layouts in less time. After an element is added to the canvas, simply drag it around and it will snap to other elements on the screen. Smart guides can be toggled on and off via the canvas preferences menu in the bottom right of the canvas area.

Android Push Notifications

Push notifications are a very popular mobile feature that allow you to engage users by sending relevant and timely content directly to their mobile device. This powerful feature is now available for Android (and iOS) apps inside of Dropsource. To learn more about using Push notifications in your Dropsource app, just click here.

Plugins for App Settings

Integrating with third party services and SDKs is a great way to power up your app by leveraging data and functionality from other providers. Many of these services require particular configurations in order to function within your project. Our new app settings features allow these configurations to be exposed to users inside Dropsource. If you want to use a third party service or SDK in your app, please reach out ( and we’ll help you get set up.


Click here to see our full release notes.