Dropsource Community,

On Tuesday, an Amazon S3 outage caused many disruptions across the Internet and Dropsource was affected. As a result some of our beta members and website visitors may have experienced difficulty accessing and using the Dropsource web application and website. As soon as Amazon’s S3 services were restored and in good health, Dropsource was fully operational and back to normal. We did not experience any other downtime, nor any loss of data.

A brief overview of what occurred is as follows:

  • The ability to create a beta account or use Dropsource’s web application was significantly impacted between approximately 12:45 ET to 4:15pm ET (GMT -5) on Tuesday 2/28/17.
  • The ability for website visitors to view our website and/or sign-up for Beta 2 was significantly impacted during this time period as well.

Our engineers and infrastructure team closely monitored this situation, and are confident that no member’s application data or other information was lost during the outage.

We consider uptime and resiliency extremely important and have an enterprise-class infrastructure. We take matters like this very seriously. Our infrastructure team is top-notch, and they immediately took steps to verify that all our member’s applications and data were backed up and secure and began to implement disaster recovery protocols. We will further investigate the outage, work with AWS, and implement more rigorous processes and protocols to plan for and mitigate any similar situations going forward.

We apologize if you had any issues with Dropsource during this episode, and please do feel free to email us at help@dropsource.com if you have any questions, comments or concerns related to Tuesday’s outage.

Thank you,

The Dropsource Team