Many of our members have requested Firebase integration for their projects, so our development team has been working on supporting a variety of functionality types over the past weeks and months. Last week (9/6/17) we released new plugins which now allow you to carry out user authentication with Firebase in your iOS apps (Android coming within the next few weeks). We plan to add more support for Firebase soon, with additional features under development right now.

Let’s take a look at all the cool Firebase integrations currently available in Dropsource.

User Auth through Firebase

New Firebase auth Actions allow you to manage your app users via your Firebase backend – using three Actions:

  • Sign up user with Firebase authentication
  • Sign in user with Firebase authentication
  • Sign out user with Firebase authentication

You can create new users, and sign them in and out of your app service. For an overview of using these Actions, check out our FAQ.

Notifications with Firebase

Your Android apps can connect to notifications sent using Firebase Cloud Messaging, with dedicated Actions provided for managing subscriptions to messaging topics.

Your app can respond to Firebase notifications being received, using Lifecycle Events, where you can access information about incoming messaging.

Check out the notifications info in our Help Center native functionality section for more detail.

AdMob using Firebase

You can include AdMob banner ads in your app on both platforms, using the Firebase Google Mobile Ads framework on iOS and the Ad View class on Android.

By entering your Google Services and AdMob info in your Dropsource app Settings, you can integrate these features with your app in a few steps.

What’s Coming Next?

Although we’re pleased to have been able to implement the level of Firebase support we now have in the platform, we are certainly not done with this integration. We understand that Firebase is a service many of our users want to utilize in their mobile apps, so we’ll be working on more integrations that you’ll see in the Dropsource editor soon.

If there are any particular Firebase features you’d like to include in your app that we don’t yet support, let us know!