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Mobile App Design & Development* 

                    *Currently under development

TribeSwapp is a childcare exchange platform that helps budget-conscious and busy families find affordable and reliable childcare. The app connects users with like-minded families in their community who are willing to trade services and provide flexibility in scheduling. 

TribeSwapp came to Dropsource with an idea and semi-validated market need and hoped to work with us to design and build the MVP of the mobile app. Dropsource conducted several in-depth workshops with Tribeswapp to identify and document the apps' requirements, the problems/jobs to be done, and deeply understand it's target user.

Working with Tribeswapp, Dropsource developed the technical requirements documents, code ready UI designs, high fidelity mockups and an immersive clickable prototype of TribeSwapp’s app that displays its key functions and showcases an attractive and accessible interface. 

TribeSwapp used the clickable prototype to gather critical early feedback from users, which is currently informing the development process of the MVP of the mobile apps. 

  • “Dropsource can take your vision and bring it to life through their creativity and industry knowledge. I do not feel like I am outsourcing with them. Rather, I feel like Dropsource is an extension of my company; they fill in the gap for the IT department that I lack.”
    Jeremae Silveira
    CEO & Founder, TribeSwapp
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Mobile App Development

Agari uses predictive AI to protect organizations against email threats and needed to build a mobile app to enable real-time customer notifications and increase the speed at which customers could take action, specifically via mobile devices. However, as they lacked in-house mobile development knowledge and were on tight deadlines, Agari felt stuck at the beginning of the mobile app development process.

Agari came to Dropsource seeking to build a slick and easy-to-use native app that would allow them to easily reach customers while also giving those customers the ability to quickly take action on email threats. Agari's top requirements were that the app employ tight security protocols and provide the notification capabilities to quickly send push notifications to security professionals. Critically, the app also needed to allow Agari customers to triage and take action when advanced threats may be in a user’s inbox, right from the app. And to top if off, they needed an MVP within a very tight timeframe (less than 6 weeks.)

Ultimately, Dropsource used Flutter to develop a modern and functional cross-platform mobile app for Agari and published it live on the App Store. The app maintains an average of 5-stars from user reviews, and dramatically reduced the time it takes Agari to notify customers of threats while reaching them where it's most convenient.

  • “Dropsource deftly maneuvered us through our first mobile app development journey. They brought experience and advice to our designs and ideas, ultimately delivering a great app that we are happy to share with our customers.”
    Jeffrey Chesebro
    Product Manager, Agari
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