Professional Services

Have the Dropsource team of mobile development experts extend your development capabilities and accelerate your mobile app development process with our specialized services.

Complete App Development

Have our team of experts work with you to fully scope, build, test, and deploy your mobile app for iOS and Android. We’ll deliver documentation and include training to ensure your team is equipped to maintain your mobile app in Dropsource going forward.

Prototype Development

Utilize our in-house mobile expertise to build your proof-of-concept prototype app that you can share with stakeholders, install on their mobile devices, and get feedback or secure buy-in quickly and with less hoops to jump through.

Requirements and Design Review

Our team of mobile design and development experts will work with you to optimize your existing app requirements and designs to comply with best practices and ensure great user experiences, optimal performance, and long term maintainability.

Data Integration Assistance

Our expert mobile backend engineers will work with your team to fully document your REST API in OpenAPI, and integrate it into your Dropsource project. This allows your developers to focus less on coding and instead on making the most of the data for a unique, data-driven mobile app.

Plugin Development

While Dropsource offers a comprehensive list of plugins for extending the functionality and design of your app, enterprises who require more custom and proprietary functionality will benefit from our custom plugin service. We can add customized UI elements, proprietary algorithms, support for third-party hardware, and work with highly secure data integrations. With Dropsource plugins, it's possible.

Accelerate Digital Transformation with Professional Services

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